Abu Amer Electronics

Who we are ?

Businesses today are rapidly transforming from traditional supply chains to innovative internet businesses, converging with online commerce. The major difference between traditional business transactions and e-commerce is the extent of interaction between the consumer and the vendor. People find online businesses a more time-effective and effort-efficient way of accessing products and services. Therefore, as a response to the increased demand for online shopping and servicing, DigiSphere Solutions has created Abu Amer Electronics in order to satisfy customer needs.

Abu Amer Electronics is an innovative, comprehensive e-commerce platform established in 2015. It is one of the first platforms that focus on vender visibility offering easy access to daily related services and products within the same reach. Abu Amer Electronics aims to make consumers’ online commerce easier and more enjoyable by bridging the gap and streamlining the reach and process of transactions with various trusted local vendors. Abu Amer Electronics also focuses on enabling and empowering local vendors thus, providing an opportunity for them to showcase and sell their products and/or services and become more recognized in the local & regional markets. It further facilitates swift engagement between consumers and vendors by allowing vendors to promote and sell their business to a wider segment, which in return connects consumers to multiple vendors offering a variety of goods and/or services.

Abu Amer Electronics’ current category list, which is subject to expansion, includes grocery, all retail products under the market category, maintenance and services, stationary, spa and fitness, flowers and confectionary, food and catering, cleaning services and laundry.

Fast and free shipping

We deliver across the Kingdom of Bahrain within 1-3 days to major cities and within a maximum of 10 days to other cities Orders of 20 BHD or more will be delivered without shipping charges

Convenient return and support services

You can return or exchange your purchase the way you prefer: Visit the nearest Abu Amer Electronics showroom or simply contact us and we will serve you wherever you are in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Original and guaranteed products

All electronic appliances listed are original and guaranteed by there respected dealers or the manufacturer for a minimum period of 2 years except for accessories or peripherals Terms and conditions apply

Safe shopping and payment

Our site is secure and complies with the best privacy and security policies You can pay using made. Visa, Master Card. cash on delivery or pay at the showroom